Sports Nutrition during Covid-19 Lockdown

During this lockdown period we have switched our services to remote consults via video or phone. We understand this is an unsettling time period and the impact that stress can play on our eating habits. If you’ve previously been very active it can also be a challenge to know how to adjust your eating routine with not being able to train as you were. 

We’re here to offer realistic advice and a bunch of useful strategies to help with changes you are experiencing with your current nutrition intake, whether it’s planning meals, working on a smaller budget or changing your usual exercise routine and wondering how to align your nutrition plan. 


Sports Nutrition

The Performance Pantry

We are Wellington's leading Sports Nutrition experts providing qualified, professional and no BS nutrition advice.

From every day athletes and weekend warriors (like us) to elite competitors, we'll help you maximise your health, training and performance, whether that’s hitting some PB’s, avoiding the dreaded bonk, or simply having fun.

Come spend some time with us to understand the awesome power of nutrition. We work with individuals, couples, teams and organisations and offer a nationwide NZ service via video and phone consults as well as in-person appointments from our clinic here at Capital Sports Medicine.

Services include:

  • Advice on fuelling exercise, activities and recovery nutrition advice
  • Body Composition assessment
  • Race or event plans, e.g. half marathon or multi-sport events
  • Gut health and exercise-related gut issues, Vegetarian and vegan nutrition advice
  • Hydration and supplement advice
  • Injury prevention and recovery from injury e.g. stress fractures
  • Making weight advice for sports like boxing, Muay Thai etc.
  • Medical issues e.g. helping low iron levels
  • Team pre-competition advice