Podiatry during Covid-19 Lockdown

Resonance Capital Sports Podiatry are continuing to deliver high quality, essential care to our patients through the use of virtual video consultations. We can diagnosis any foot or leg pain and offer individualised treatment plans with the use footwear advice, exercise programmes and changes to your walking or running technique.

We are also able to assist in getting treatment for you, for urgent matters such as infected ingrown toenails.

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Resonance Podiatry, Wellington is based in Capital Sports Medicine, in the heart of the CBD. Being part of the team at Capital Sports, in a multidisciplinary environment, means you get the best of the combined expertise of all of the health team.

We specialise in the assessment, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of pain and injuries of the foot, ankle and lower legs. The team can help you recover from injury, improve general functionality, mobility and enhance athletic performance.

We are the  only  practice in  New Zealand to offer our clients a sensor pressure plate embedded Treadmill with dual cameras. 
Our Treadmill allows highly accurate Biomechanical analysis by calculating loading pressures during walking and running as well as other static and dynamic information.

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