Pilates with Tracey Thornton


About Tracey

Tracey is a very experienced and well respected Pilates instructor who works closely with the rest of the rehab team at Capital Sports Medicine. 

Tracey completed a distance Diploma Sports Studies, Otago. During this time, she studied the first of 3 styles of mat Pilates.  Developing a fascination with the workings and importance of the core, Tracey became an advocate for Pilates overnight.

Having instructed mat classes for 14 years, in 2011 Tracey graduated Polestar Pilates with an international qualification in Studio Pilates Equipment specialising in rehabilitative, individualised programmes.

A strong core is the key to any sport, hobby or ultimate postural alignment. Helping people to become pain free; return to a sport or job they love; or enhancing the strength and capacity of an athlete drives and motivates Tracey.

Tracey's hobbies include, skiing, running, mountain biking and swimming. Tracey has been a keen triathlete, and in 2011 completed the Oxfam Trailwalker in Taupo.

Is Pilates for Me?

Yes! Smile Pilates is for everyone regardless of age or fitness level. It is suitable for everyone, from the general population through athletes.

One on One

Tracey takes one-on-one Postural Rehabilitative training (using Pilates as a base), tailoring each session to the individual.

To enquire about one on one sessions call us on 04 499 5732.